Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 31st.


436 Note On The Appendix Note On The Appendix
Note On The Appendix

The Appendix is an author list of the books which CFA borrowed from the Boston Athenaeum from the first exercise of his privileges as a shareholder on 18 January 1830 to the date at which these volumes conclude, 31 December 1832. Because many if not most of the books he read were from his own or his father’s or his grandfather’s library, the Athenaeum list of borrowings is of course a supplement to rather than a complete record of CFA’s reading during this period. For those books he borrowed, the list does provide exact information as to the dates he had each in his possession and the editions he was reading. What is more important, perhaps, the body of books he is known to have read is increased substantially by those he is here recorded as borrowing but which he did not mention in the diary text. Each title to which CFA did refer in the diary and for which the editors subjoined a footnote bears as the concluding element of its entry in this Appendix a reference to the date in the diary at which the title is mentioned and annotated.

Multivolume sets listed in the Appendix were borrowed in entirety unless the entry specifies which volume or volumes were borrowed.

The Appendix has been constructed from the manuscript volume in the Boston Athenaeum’s archives labeled “Entry of Books Borrowed: I, 1827–1834”; the printed Catalogue of Books in the Boston Athenaeum, Boston, 1827; and the Catalogue of Books Added to the Boston Athenaeum since ... January 1827, Boston, [1830]. The opening section of the pages relating to CFA in the “Entry of Books Borrowed” is illustrated in volume 3. See further the Descriptive List of Illustrations, vol. 3, p. xx.