Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Tuesday. 30th.

Thursday. 2d.

Wednesday. July 1st. CFA Wednesday. July 1st. CFA
Wednesday. July 1st.

Morning extraordinarily cool for the season, but rather pleasant than otherwise. I finished No. 4 in what I think a far better shape. Then to the office where I was engaged in finishing off Accounts and in Diary.

A. H. Everett called to ask me to join his party to Quincy on the fourth of July. I agreed so to do. He is manoeuvring to go to a place where he thinks he can avoid committing himself, instead of Beverly where his Whig brother holds forth. I understand this sinuosity and despise it. He asked me if my father would object to have his opinions upon the Presidential election brought into discussion. I told him not provided always there was no assuming to speak in his name or by his authority. So that in case any question might arise all participation in the articles might be disavowed. He offered to show me what he had written which I declined reading for the sake of being more clear on this point.

I carried my No. 4 to the Advocate Office but did not find Mr. Hallett. The delay has been such that No. 3 cannot come out until next week, and I have leisure for the rest of the work. Home. Read a little of Juvenal. Afternoon, Thiers, some of No. 5, and a walk with Louisa. Mr. Frothingham made a short call. Evening writing. My Wife’s nurse left today, it being the close of her month. I find my second number has not fallen without effect.