Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Wednesday. 22d.

Friday. 24th.

Thursday. 23d. CFA Thursday. 23d. CFA
Thursday. 23d.

Morning clear and warm. I returned to town with Mr. Brooks and went to the Office as usual. Nothing of material consequence. I worked upon my Diary and arranged my Accounts as usual. Read an Article or two in the North American Review. Nothing further, excepting running round about Commissions for my Wife.

Home where I read Juvenal with more steadiness than for some time past. Mr. Frothingham dined with me. He complained of a difficulty in one of his legs, or rather one of his feet. But we had a very pleasant dinner and I was only sorry he was in so much trouble. He left me earlier than usual because his boot pained him.

I took a nap in the Afternoon which the heat of the night had rendered necessary. Evening a short and solitary walk. Then home and sat down at my table with one vigorous effort to finish my No. 8 and last, which I did, but it was nearly midnight before I rose from it. So much for that.