Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Friday. 24th.

Sunday. 26th.

Saturday. 25th. CFA Saturday. 25th. CFA
Saturday. 25th.

Fine morning but excessively warm. I returned to town after breakfast. To the Office where I spent my time in Accounts and Diary. Mr. Spear called upon me but I was otherwise quiet unoccupied. Yet the time vanished as if I had not a bit to spare. I did not even get home in time to do much in Juvenal. My progress in this Author is certainly slow enough. I must wait for cool weather to make a vigorous attack.

Afternoon read Thiers finishing his eighth volume. He is now at the period of his greatest glory, in the campaign of Italy. We must now observe the last step in the course of the Revolution, despotism. I read much of Mad. du Deffand—Amusing and frivolous. A thinker without purpose or profit.

In the evening, having heard that Mr. Frothingham was much more discomposed by his foot I thought I would go down and see him. I expected to have found him alone but his Wife was there, had come in from Medford express. I sat a couple of hours, and P. C. Brooks Jr. came in. Nothing. Returned in the Rain—A light thunder shower.