Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Sunday. 6th.

Tuesday. 8th.

Monday. 7th. CFA Monday. 7th. CFA
Monday. 7th.

Having made an engagement with Mr. Bowditch to be at my Office this morning to attend to a transfer of some Stock I went to town, but did not get there until rather late. My time flew away exactly as usual. I went and looked for proof, but found none, then to house to see about some matters relating to arrangements. Then down to my Office where my Accounts took up a great deal of time. My Diary is in this way constantly falling into arrear and by my repeated absence makes the labour of working up doubly hard. I was engaged in various commissions for the family also which take up time imperceptibly. Home to dinner.

Afternoon passed in assorting papers which multiply difficulties as I proceed. Indeed as my stay here draws nearer to a close I feel more the difficulties which attend my prosecuting the subject. Yet who is likely to do it if I do not?


Evening went by invitation with my Wife to Mrs. T. B. Adams—A small party of Quincy people. Mr. Miller his Wife and daughter, Col. Quincy his Wife and sister, Mr. Price Greenleaf and sister, and the family of whom Mrs. Angier forms now a part. The evening was dull and made a little more so by the news just received of the death of Mr. Phineas Foster, a loss to his family and to Mrs. Adams. We returned home early.