Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Tuesday. 8th.

Thursday. 10th.

Wednesday. 9th. CFA Wednesday. 9th. CFA
Wednesday. 9th.

Morning fine. I went to town. My time very much taken up. First, to the house where I had occasion to go to look after some coins that I miss. Then, to Sharpe’s where I saw my Cabinet of Medals and gave the final directions for the arrangement of the Draws. I think it will equal my expectations.

Then to the Office, correcting some proofs. The piece will prove 212quite as long as the publisher calculated and I have foolishly plunged myself into an expense of vanity, but this most of our expenses are. I know not why I should not go without something to pay for it.

Some few commissions for the family took up so much of the remainder of my time that I could not attend at all to my Diary. Called in at the Advocate Office and left another number upon the state of the Nation. Mr. Hallett has returned and resumes active operations. I had some conversation with him, but was hurried off by the expiration of my hour.

Mr. I. P. Davis called to make a proposition to my father to go to Plymouth and New Bedford which I agreed to be the bearer of. My father seems much inclined to accept the proposition and I think myself of going.1 But this will both delay my return to Boston and put me out in my work upon the papers. Evening at home.


JQA commented that “Mr. P. C. Brooks proposes to be of the party, and to extend the excursion to the island of Nantucket — a captivating proposal” (Diary, 9 Sept.).