Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 6

Tuesday. 23d.

Thursday. 25th.

Wednesday. 24th. CFA Wednesday. 24th. CFA
Wednesday. 24th.

Morning cloudy and melting. Went to the Office and was engaged in Accounts and in making up Arrears of Diary. I have changed my room but the fire in my new one is so badly made that it takes me about half of the morning to go over it all. Nothing new.

Mr. Slade has put out a new Pamphlet in answer to mine and I called today upon Mr. Hallett to get a sight of it but was unable so to do—He not being at his Office. Mr. Paine however intimated that I was attacked in it. The tone of the Morning Post is now more conciliatory which looks better.

A little work at Accounts and then home to read Livy. Afternoon, Bolingbroke pretty constantly. I am led by this book into some further researches. Evening at home. Madame Junot, reflection upon my present situation, and speculating upon the way it is to be affected by my present political condition. Looked over some of Bolingbroke’s political Essays.