Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7


Guide to Editorial Apparatus

xxvi Acknowledgments Acknowledgments

Upon publication of each unit of the Adams Papers, the editors have expressed their awareness of the indispensable aid the Papers have received from the institutions whose resources in books and manuscripts have supplemented the special and splendid collections of our host institution, the Massachusetts Historical Society. These institutions that now again are named are the Adams National Historic Site, the Boston Athenaeum, the Boston Public Library, the Harvard Archives, and the other components of the Harvard University Libraries.

For the most part, the directors and staff members of these institutions who have had our thanks during the thirty years the Papers have been ongoing have changed, but several continue, as they have from the beginning, to provide stalwart support to the enterprise: Malcolm Freiberg, editor of publications at the Massachusetts Historical Society, by his expert reading of galley proofs, has provided us with added strength; Wilhelmina S. Harris, superintendent of the Adams National Historic Site and richest in knowledge of the Adamses, is ever generous in sharing it with us; and Ann Louise C. McLaughlin, Adams Papers editor at Harvard University Press from the outset, is our valued colleague. Almost as long has been the unflagging support the Papers have had from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission.

During the years in which the present volumes were in preparation, the tasks of typing and verification of notes were admirably performed by past staff members: Mary Ellen Curley, Maureen Kaplan, and Katherine Oppermann. The critical work of proofreading and indexing has been done with careful attention by editorial assistant Joanna Revelas. Keith Schlesinger, assistant editor, joined the staff in time to help with final production chores. In addition, the editors and staff of earlier years are remembered for their contributions to the process out of which these seventh and eighth volumes of the Diary of Charles Francis Adams have been brought to completion.