Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 20th.

Wednesday 22d.

Tuesday. 21st. CFA


Tuesday. 21st. CFA
Tuesday. 21st.

A continuation of rain. Mrs. Adams and her family are detained as we are. At any rate there is an advantage to us in the opportunity it has given to my Wife to rest from fatigue. I should be at ease if I did not feel that so many of us were too much for our hosts. Mrs. DeWint is exceedingly subject to a particular and distressing sort of catarrhal cold which while it lasts is very oppressive. She has it now and is at the same time without some of her servants which makes the care of so many very troublesome. I fully designed to have at any rate started today but the weather was worse than ever. There is something pleasant at least in the kindness of the girls and the facility with which they put up with slight inconveniences to gratify their guests. I passed my day in reading Sartor and in what Fanny Kemble would call “dawdling.” Evening, we got up a dance in the long room in which we amused ourselves with caricatures.