Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday 19th.

Thursday. 21st.

Wednesday 20th. CFA


Wednesday 20th. CFA
Wednesday 20th.

The morning looked very cloudy, but we ventured to make our start and it cleared away. I left Lebanon with a little regret, as it is a place I think I could enjoy with a small society very much. But it was with less inasmuch as there was nobody there at this time whom I regretted. Our ride to Pittsfield was a tedious one, it being partly over a very long hill, and partly because we were much loaded with travelling companions one of whom was by no means an agreeable personage. I congratulate myself that in this long journey I have met with nothing worse.

At Pittsfield, our company was separated, and we were put into a separate coach with Lieutenant West and his lady, our travelling companions to Lebanon, after which our journey was very pleasant. Here we were again in Massachusetts after a five weeks absence. One during which we have been over an immense extent of Country and seen manners infinitely various and differing from our own. We passed through the towns of Dalton, Hinsdale, Peru, Chesterfield, Worthington, Williamsburg, all of which had the neat and comfortable appearance of long settlement. This is one of the great Nurseries for the Western Country and yet one would hardly wish to move even to better lands when incumbered with forest if one might judge from the thrifty appearance of every thing.

The hilly character of the Country prevented our going fast, so that we were all day going forty five miles. The road winds however very beautifully and takes advantage of the occasional vallies through which flow some exceedingly pretty mountain brooks. Near Northampton there are woods and we saw in abundance the Kalmia in blossom which is indigenous with them.

At last we reached Northampton, which my Wife was very glad of for she is near giving out. Her health has not been so much benefitted as I expected by the Journey. Her system appears to be one best calculated for quiet life and plenty of domestic society. The evening was consumed in getting arranged. Here Mrs. Thresher took her leave of us not much to our regret. She took advantage of the going on tomorrow of Lieut. West and thus saved herself the day’s delay here and the inconvenience to which she is exposed in our company.