Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday 2d.

Thursday. 4th.

Wednesday 3d. CFA Wednesday 3d. CFA
Wednesday 3d.

I went into town this morning in the Quincy Stage—A number of passengers not one of whom I knew. My business in Boston principally related to money affairs. I saw Degrand and completed my sale of the State Bank Stock which is withdrawing very clear. I then made some propositions with respect to the investment of a sum of money which he closed with. It was necessary for me to go round to collect this sum which was due partly on my own Account, partly on account of T. B. Johnson, and partly on account of my father who wishes to release himself from his engagements to Elizabeth C. Adams.1 I effected the whole business before going out of town, much to my satisfaction. But I did not get home until rather late.

I drove my horse out although his leg is not in a fit condition to use. The afternoon was taken up partly with my Diary and partly in walking over the hill and marking out the capabilities of the ground. I find myself obliged to go higher up on the ground than I had expected and I feel quite alarmed at the idea of the expense. But this must be met and after all there may perhaps be as much gained in the increase of value in the surrounding land. This is one of the considerations. There can be nothing superior in its way to the site and I know of no dis-64qualification excepting perhaps it’s distance from the old house.2 Evening at home.


Quarterly payments were owing to Elizabeth Coombs Adams, a daughter of TBA, under the terms of JA’s will; see vol. 3:31.


The Old House is the name given by Adamses to AA’s and JA’s house, now the Adams National Historic Site in Quincy; see vol. 1:x–xi.