Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 5th.

Sunday. 7th.

Saturday 6th. CFA


Saturday 6th. CFA
Saturday 6th.

Pleasant morning. After writing a little I took a walk into town. Called at the Quincy Stone Bank and paid in for my father and myself the second instalment of fifty per cent of the capital Stock. The Cashier not having Certificates prepared indorsed the payment upon the old receipt. I went from here to Mrs. T. B. Adams’. Entered into an explanation to Elizabeth C. Adams how I had arranged the investment on her account and then with her consent indorsed on my father’s largest Note, a receipt for the money which she signed. Thus is another legacy under the very burdensome will of my grandfather provided for.

Returned home and wrote Diary. Afternoon, the same. Since I have come out here my mind has been running on this building project so much that I am not fit to do much else. I feel much as if I should like to go right on, and yet every thing depends upon my quiet and moderation. My attention is much taken up in measuring here and there various places to obtain an idea of dimension and thus commence my building education. Evening with the Ladies as usual. Governor and Mrs. Everett1 were here this morning on a visit and an invitation to dinner for Thursday.


The relations through the years between the Adamses and the Edward Everetts were complex and tortuous, made not the less so by the fact that Mrs. Everett, Charlotte Gray Brooks, was a sister of ABA; see the Everett entries in the indexes to the earlier volumes.