Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 11th.

Saturday 13th.

Friday 12th. CFA


Friday 12th. CFA
Friday 12th.

I have but a very meagre account to give of my day. The head ach of yesterday was so little improved by the diet of the day that I felt entirely disabled from all work during the morning. Indeed I have rarely suffered more severely and certainly not of late. My best course as I thought was to submit in patience so I secluded myself in as quiet a place as I could find, and slept as much as I could. This process with starvation soon effected my cure. I was relieved by dinner time and perfectly well by tea. I was therefore able to continue my Diary which ought and must be brought up directly. Having slept so much during the day, I was enabled to take some hours from night in the prosecution of this work.