Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 21st.

Tuesday 23d.

Monday 22d. CFA Monday 22d. CFA
Monday 22d.

I went to town this morning principally for the purpose of finishing the investment left on Saturday and this I fortunately accomplished. My time was very much engrossed by numerous visitors. Mr. Isaac P. Davis who brought out a book containing the papers wanted by my father. He touched a little upon politics and intimated that the Majority in the State would prefer General Harrison to Mr. Van Buren. As he is himself a delegate to the Worcester Convention and understands clearly the views of the leaders, I conclude that Harrison is to be the man. Mr. Webster has probably received intimations of future favors which pacify him. Alex. H. Everett was here too and talked of the prospect. Also George Bancroft and Mr. Parmenter of Cambridge who were discussing the election. The returns from North Carolina very much realize my expectation that Southern men will never vote for any person living north of the Potomac.1 Should this be the case Mr. 76Van Buren’s prospect is by no means brightening. I am rather indifferent whether he does or does not succeed, but as I have myself taken passage on board his ship in fine weather I am perfectly ready to weather out the gale.2 The gentlemen are very sanguine respecting the result in this State, more so than as I think is quite just. But we all agreed that exertion would be necessary.

Home to Quincy. Afternoon to Mount Wollaston with my father, William Spear, Mr. Price Greenleaf and my boy John who intruded himself into the party. The object was to measure off to Mr. Hardwick a piece of salt marsh which he has agreed to purchase, and during the process I played with my boy on the beach. There is something very invigorating in the seabreeze as it blows along this shore. It gives one an idea of health and freshness. Returned home to tea. Mrs. T. B. Adams, her daughter Elizabeth and Miss Smith were here.

Evening accompanied my father to a Lecture, by a Mr. Evans. He goes about making a living in a very harmless way, taking as subjects of discussion the various divisions of the globe and interspersing the historical and geographical account with illustrations of manners &ca. His Lecture this evening was introductory and upon Oriental customs in connection with the geography of the Holy Land. Superficial but innocent enough.


Partial returns from North Carolina strongly indicated that the whigs would control the legislature and had elected a governor over the Van Buren candidate (Daily Advertiser, 22 Aug., p. 2, col. 2).


In the contest among Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, and Daniel Webster for Massachusetts’ support in the presidential election, Alexander Hill Everett and George Bancroft had joined CFA in supporting Van Buren; see above, entry for 26 June, and vols. 5:xv–xvi; 6:239, 295.