Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 25th.

Saturday 27th.

Friday. 26th. CFA Friday. 26th. CFA
Friday. 26th.

As the season advances the days seem to grow warmer. This was quite like Summer. I remained at home all day and passed my time in occupation. Read ten Chapters or sections in the twenty sixth book of Livy, very good, also of the Discourses on Davila, of which I much desire to form an opinion. They were undoubtedly the cause of offense to Mr. Jefferson who professed to find in them monarchical principles. I wish to form opinions as deliberately as possible, upon this subject inasmuch as this is an important point in the history of my grandfather and the country.

Joseph H. Adams came down at noon and persuaded my father and myself to go with him to Mr. Greenleaf’s Wharf to bathe.1 The water however was very cold and prevented our remaining in it long. In the afternoon I was much occupied upon the letters of my grandmother which are very difficult to arrange. She neither dated nor addressed the greater part, which makes it necessary to study them out from the text. In the evening, I was occupied in writing an article for the Advocate which I propose publishing as a communication, but the truth really is, writing is uphill work this year compared with the last.


Daniel Greenleaf’s wharf on Quincy Bay; see vol. 3:310.