Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 14th.

Friday 16th.

Thursday 15th. CFA Thursday 15th. CFA
Thursday 15th.

Day pleasant. I went to town accompanied by my father who went in for the purpose of making arrangements for the Eulogy of Mr. Madison, while the ladies went in the Carriage. Time passed at the Office in drawing up the Deeds given to me to be filled up by Mr. Curtis for the Estate of Mr. Boylston. This took much time as one of the papers was rather a long form. I had also some Commissions. Mr. Hartwell, the well digger came and announced his final decision declining to do my well, but he brought with him a man who offered to do it as well and on the same terms, and I closed with him. He is to begin on Monday and I sent to Spear a note to let him be prepared. His name is Higgins and he is to be at the house by nine o’clock. So far so good.

I dined at Mr. Frothingham’s with my father, Mary and my Wife. We made quite a table. And after dinner, we separated, Abby and I to go to Medford on a visit to Mr. Brooks, the rest to return home. We reached Mr. Brooks’s at about six, and found them quiet as usual. The evening passed in conversation and early to bed.