Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday 16th.

Sunday. 18th.

Saturday 17th. CFA


Saturday 17th. CFA
Saturday 17th.

Morning cloudy. I went to town accompanied by P. C. Brooks while my wife went with her father in the carriage. My stay at Medford might have been longer if I had not made arrangements to commence work on my new house on Monday. The silence of a house occupied only by grown people is a thing so novel to me that I hardly know what to make of it. Otherwise we have had a very pleasant visit.

In town occupied with my accounts and with drawing up a Lease for Mr. Carr which has been a matter of some difficulty from the number of the conditions. I have accomplished it at last, and I think I now have no more Boston work to do until the first of next month.

At one o’clock I proposed to go out to Quincy and called for my Wife to go with me, but it had set in a Southerly rain and we had made little progress before I became satisfied that we should get wet 96through in persevering. I therefore turned back and left her again at Mrs. Frothingham’s where we dined. This was not unpleasant, and as it cleared away afterwards, so far as not to wet us, we reached Quincy safe and sound by six o’clock. Quiet evening. Conversation with my father, after which to bed rather early.