Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 18th.

Tuesday. 20th.

Monday 19th. CFA


Monday 19th. CFA
Monday 19th.

A very clear and warm day, perhaps the most so this season. Shortly after breakfast I perceived the men upon the hill and soon joined them. They soon set to work, a part in digging the well and a part to plough for the cellar. Thus my undertaking commenced this day. May God prosper it, for I occasionally have had my misgivings. At any rate it will perhaps amuse and occupy me. I spent most of my morning there giving the directions which were rendered necessary in the starting. I also went over to see the ledge worked by Colburn, at which they appear to be very much encouraged. They can furnish Stone easily provided it turns out of good colour of which at present there appears every probability.

Returned home just in time for me to get along with nearly all my usual quantity of Livy. Afternoon, a large portion of my time consumed in a similar way. I took great interest in all their movements. Walked down to the Canal to get the answer of the dealers in lumber. It was so much higher than my calculations that I concluded to postpone at least for the present but in this I am disappointed. Evening quietly at home. Mr. and Miss Beale came in to pass a short time. Excessively fatigued.