Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 20th.

Thursday 22nd.

Wednesday. 21st. CFA Wednesday. 21st. CFA
Wednesday. 21st.

A cooler day with an easterly wind. I remained at home and spent my time as I usually do. I go up the hill to oversee what is doing occasionally and then home again. They go on digging without any immediate prospect of finding a well. A hardbound clay and gravel. They also work on the cellar and I have set Toohey to taking care of the soil removed from it.

I continue my Livy and my father has lately given me an extra job in making a copy of his Eulogy. Thus I have little or no time for the work on the manuscripts which I had intended to push this year. Mr. and Mrs. Cruft called here, also J. H. Foster and his Wife whom I did not see. Afternoon passed pretty much as I have described. Evening at home. Backgammon with my Mother and writing to a late hour.