Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday. 28th.

Friday. 30th.

Thursday. 29th. CFA


Thursday. 29th. CFA
Thursday. 29th.

Morning dark with light rain during the whole day. I remained at home and devoted my time to working upon matters of late somewhat intermitted. I wrote out a part of another number for the Newspaper, read the rest of the twenty eighth and part of the twenty ninth book of Livy and worked some time upon the MS. Papers. These are now in train but require a more general plan than that which I have been following. The chaos in which my fathers room is kept is such that it is impossible to see or find any clear place where papers methodically arranged can be likely to remain secure and I incline to doubt whether if I do trust to one, I may not have my work all to do over again.

In the afternoon, it was so cold that I was unable to go on with my usual work, so I went down stairs into the Parlor and read first a little of Loudon’s Encyclopedia but the print of that being very small so that my eyes were a little tried, I took up President Goguets Origin of the Arts and Sciences1 which I hope to be able to read during the winter. Evening at home. Played Whist with the ladies and being sleepy I retired early.


Antoine Yves Goguet, De l’origine des loix, des arts, et des sciences, 3 vols., Pairs, 1758; and English translation was published in 1761.