Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 30th.

Sunday 2d.

Saturday. October 1st. CFA


Saturday. October 1st. CFA
Saturday. October 1st.

The day cloudy. I went to town and found in fact that my leisure which I have been enjoying for a few days past was effectively put a stop to. I had people calling during every moment of the time. Mr. 105Curtis came for the Deeds I had furnished for the Estate of Mr. Boylston which I gave him. Mr. Luther Angier came upon the settlement of a Quarter’s Interest upon the money of his brother’s guardianship, which I paid him. Mr. Kauffer the Painter came about the painting I wished to have done and I accompanied him to the House and showed him its extent. Mr. Jewett came about rent due. Also a person on behalf of Miss Oliver to pay her’s. Mr. Walsh also stopped to talk about matters and things in general and Mr. Ayer came in because I sent for him to see about my timber which he is to come to Quincy and pick out next week. Thus my morning went and I had time only for a short visit to Mr. Brooks to show him my plan and consult with him thereupon. He gave me two or three valuable hints which I set about considering very earnestly. Home.

Afternoon I walked up the hill to see the men who have nearly done stoning the well. They work very diligently. But they will not finish tonight. Evening, at Mr. Beales. Mrs. T. B. Adams, Elizabeth and I. Hull with Miss Smith at the house, the two younger with us to Mr. Beale’s. Cards. Return at ten, to bed early.