Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 2d.

Tuesday. 4th.

Monday 3d. CFA Monday 3d. CFA
Monday 3d.

The day was cool and on the whole clear. When I walked up the hill the first thing which attracted my attention was the news that one of my well diggers had broken his arm. It seems that some of the many idlers who flock up the hill of a Sunday had abstracted some of the working tools, and thinking that a pick axe might have been left in the well one of them went down to look after it. The Rope on which he was hanging accidentally dislodged a stone from the top of the wall which fell and broke his left arm just below the shoulder. I was exceedingly grieved at this accident thus throwing a poor labourer out of employ for so long a time and called immediately at Mr. Marsh’s the shoemaker’s to see him. He appeared to be suffering a good deal but the fracture was not a bad one and he was able to move about though very stiffly. I told him that I would aid him as well as I could.

I then took my gig and rode to Hingham to see Mr. Thayer a brick-maker with whom I was wishing to contract for bricks. After conversing with him and getting a promise that he would furnish me with a statement of his lowest prices next week I returned home directly. A man by the name of Chadwick called on an application for one of those ledges yet vacant on the farm and above Colburn’s. I accompanied him to the spot and in the course of the walk we agreed upon the price and dimensions of the lot and the general terms which I agreed to have ready and committed to writing by Thursday at noon ready to sign. Thus I got home late to dinner.

Afternoon, I went up the hill and agreed with the head of the gang that I would try and get a free bed for the wounded man at the Hospital, and he should come and see about it tomorrow at my Office. The two men who remained got through with their work about five and one of them then proposed to take the wounded man into town.

Home where I read Livy but the Afternoons are now so short as to prevent much work. Evening, the family and cards after which I read the discourse of Barrow neglected yesterday.