Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday 7th.

Sunday. 9th.

Saturday 8th. CFA


Saturday 8th. CFA
Saturday 8th.

A very pleasant Autumn day. I went to town accompanied by my Wife, whom I left at her friend Miss Carter’s and took up on my return at Mrs. Frothingham’s. My time was taken up between Accounts, a visit to my House to superintend the work doing there and conversation with Mr. A. H. Everett who asked me about my father’s opinion upon the question he proposed to me on Thursday. I gave it to him more decided but substantially like mine. The shortness of the time made me leave many things undone.

Home. Afternoon walk over the commons to Mr. Colburn’s ledge where they had made the first split upon their great rock. The color very perfectly answered their expectation, but owing to not making sufficiently deep leading drills the split was not as square as they had hoped. Thence to Hardwick’s where they had made a very true split and the color decidedly improves. Home over the hill where the men are working on the cellar. They have nearly dug out the borders and expect to be ready to begin the wall on Monday. My well has nine feet of water. Home. Evening, whist with the ladies after which I sat down and drew a revised Address in favour of Mr. Everett.