Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 9th.

Tuesday. 11th.

Monday. 10th. CFA Monday. 10th. CFA
Monday. 10th.

A clear, cold day. Immediately after breakfast, Mr. William Spear called to take my father and myself in a Waggon up to the Wood lot purchased of Mr. Turner. The object today was to procure a survey by Mr. Humphrey, without which my father very justly refuses to purchase. We spent all the morning from nine until half past two going along the borders of the lot and in many cases experienced the pleasures of scrubbing through the thicket and knocking against rough stones. This is a business I do not much admire. We returned home just in time for dinner but for my part, pretty well scratched and battered.

After dinner I went up the hill to see how the men went on. They are laying the cellar wall, and Mr. Ayer was to have been out here but failed me. I am afraid his Boston residence will be a disadvantage. My well has ten feet of water and promises me abundance. The Stones showing signs of moisture to within a few feet of the coping where they left off. I did not go any further, being fatigued.

Home. Evening, the ladies out at Mrs. E. Miller’s, whither we went, my father, Mr. Price Greenleaf who called on his way and myself. We 111found there the usual Quincy people, with the addition of Mrs. DeWint who had just come from Fishkill and Mrs. Angier who accompanied her from Medford. Cards, dancing by the Piano and music with a light supper passed off the evening, but I was too much fatigued to enjoy it. Glad to get home in the Carriage.