Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 11th.

Thursday. 13th.

Wednesday 12th. CFA


Wednesday 12th. CFA
Wednesday 12th.

A very heavy rain with a violent Easterly wind and on the whole the greatest storm this season. I therefore remained at home very quietly and occupied myself in doing a variety of things which required my attention. I finished the drafts of all the papers now on hand. I read a portion of the thirtieth book of Livy containing the account of Scipio’s African victories and Hannibal’s departure from Italy. Made out some 112diagrams which I wanted and assorted some of Mrs. Adams’ papers. I go on with these not so fast as I wish and yet with some rapidity. Two of the Servants were taken ill today and the house was somewhat out of order. I have no other account to give of the day and yet when I look back and reflect how little I read and produce, I feel somewhat ashamed of the result. Evening. Whist with the ladies. Thus the day went.