Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 13th.

Saturday. 15th.

Friday. 14th. CFA Friday. 14th. CFA
Friday. 14th.

A mild, southerly wind with a warm day. The family is in much disorder from the illness of my Mother and two of the servants at the same time. My first interruption was from two of the men, Hezekiah Martin and Emery, Lessees of the ledge near the railway who wished to know about my work. I had a long conversation with them and fi-113nally agreed with them for all the hammered work. Thus I have nearly completed all my contracts, and nothing remains this season but to attend to the delivery of the lumber and the execution of the remainder of the contemplated work. This will however take up with the remainder of the month.

Having finished with them, I returned to the study and read a portion of Livy’s thirtieth book down to the supposed conference between Hannibal and Scipio previous to the battle of Zama. I say supposed because the language put into Hannibal’s mouth does not reconcile itself at all to my idea of his character. I then walked round as usual to see the Quarries and compared the several products. I find Colburn’s is not so deep a color as either Bass’s or the Railway. But the shade is of secondary importance compared with the clearness.

Afternoon, assorting letters, a work which I do at intervals and slowly but it goes on and furnishes me with much valuable minute information. Evening went to our neighbour, G. Beale’s, a Quincy party of the usual character. Whist and a light supper and then home.