Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday 21st.

Sunday. 23d.

Saturday. 22d. CFA


Saturday. 22d. CFA
Saturday. 22d.

The first morning that gives us a token of the advanced state of the season. I was actively employed all day in superintending the removal of some large trees, which have been suffered to remain in the Nursery too long, to my place. The work was by no means a trifling one, and at one time I had all the assistance in the House. I succeeded in placing eight on the South West side of my lot which will extend northward so far as to break the force, I hope, of the North west wind upon the House. I propose to intersperse firs and pines and other trees of thicker undergrowth.

My cellar goes on slowly but the delivery of lumber has stopped entirely. On the other hand Dutton came with two of the Posts from their Quarry which I did not desire delivered until next May. I called at their place and took an account of their stone for the past fortnight during which their business has increased. Called also at Hardwick’s where they are actively at work, and left for him an agreement I had drawn up which he agreed to sign some time ago. Nothing further of importance. Evening at home. Cards. Mr. Beale came and I gave up my place and sat out.