Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 27th.

Saturday 29th.

Friday 28th. CFA


Friday 28th. CFA
Friday 28th.

A pleasanter morning. I devoted a considerable portion of it to transferring a few English Oaks to the top of the hill. I took two fine ones but doubt very much whether my experiment will prove successful. There remain seven holes to fill in which I shall place in the Spring—firs. The remainder of my time was taken up in drawing the remainder of the Leases. One to Mr. Hardwick of a Stone Quarry and that to Mr. Carr remain to be executed. I found more difficulty in the first than in doing any yet. I also arranged the rest of the papers to take into town.

In the afternoon, I went over the hill and met Mr. Spear. With him I went over to the Quarries and after having shown to Mr. Hardwick the Lease, with which he seemed satisfied, I marked a great number of cedars to be cut for my use, and the remainder was pointed out to be sold for clearing. This will save the expense of it to which I should otherwise have been put on my father’s account, and restore the farm somewhat to it’s original character. It took us all the afternoon. Eve-122ning at home. I spent a part of it in finishing off the Leases and adding some supplementary clauses to Mr. Carr’s. After which cards with the ladies of the family.