Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 31st.

Wednesday. 2d.

Tuesday. November 1. CFA Tuesday. November 1. CFA
Tuesday. November 1.

I spent an hour in finishing up all the papers, executing the remaining Leases and so forth, and although all my work is not done yet I am in hopes enough of it is to render the rest easy in my absence. I left Quincy with regret having enjoyed myself much there and having connected myself so much more of late with its interests. On the other hand I lose my interest in Boston feeling myself to be somewhat in an isolated state there in sentiment. I do not think I shall remain there much longer.

Reached town late and passed my time in a variety of small occupations, drawing up my Quarterly Account &ca. Home. Afternoon and Evening, writing the article I had promised. To be at home seems singular after so long an absence, and the children most particularly miss their playmates. The noise of a large household and the company present such a contrast to the quiet habits of our own as to be at first distasteful. I felt the change however, much less this year than last.