Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 3d.

Saturday. 5th.

125 Friday. 4th. CFA


Friday. 4th. CFA
Friday. 4th.

Morning clear with a cold air. My Wife appeared quite sick so that I concluded to send for a Physician, and go immediately to Quincy for the purpose of preventing the family from coming in as they had intended. It is one of the drawbacks of coming home to me that no sooner do I get here than one or the other of my family get sick.

I reached Quincy and found the family as usual having given up the idea of coming in today. I took the opportunity to walk over to the Quarries and get a return from Colburn and from Hardwick, and thence to my cellar which remains much as it was. Mr. Spear has secured the well, but nothing is yet done either with the cellar or the lumber. Dined with the family and returned home immediately afterwards. Nothing of any particular consequence. Conversation with my father about his affairs which it must be confessed he manages in a manner quite original with him.

On getting home, I found my wife poorly but better than I had expected. She retired to bed early so that I spent the evening in reading Grahame, whose book is a valuable one, perhaps improved upon the last edition.