Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 13th.

Tuesday. 15th.

Monday. 14th. CFA


Monday. 14th. CFA
Monday. 14th.

The sunset which was lovely beyond description last night did nevertheless fail of foretelling a fine day. It was cloudy in the morning and heavy rain in the afternoon.

This was the day upon which the general election took place in this State and the contest was a very animated one. I deposited my vote which was generally with the Administration party. But I erased the name of Marcus Morton without inserting any other, struck out Mr. Dunham from the Senate, substituting Quincy, and in the House, putting Edward Brooks, Thomas K. Davis and John Walsh instead of three of the names, Jacob Amee, Henry B. Smith and one other.


I wrote Diary and talked with Mr. Walsh. Home to read Livy. Afternoon, assorting MS. A set of Addresses will make a volume and show that a portion of the people at least had confidence in the old veteran.1 Evening at home. Read Lamartine. Afterwards Grahame.


The reference would seem to be to the many addresses of support sent to JA at the time of the XYZ Affair.