Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 15th.

Thursday 17th.

Wednesday. 16th. CFA


Wednesday. 16th. CFA
Wednesday. 16th.

Mrs. Adams again unwell today. My winter does not appear extremely promising. I went to the Office. The returns of this day show that Mr. Everett is defeated in the ninth District. I am sorry for this but not surprised. There were too many obstacles, the main one being the character of the man himself. I called at the Advocate Office and had much conversation with Mr. Hallett about him. He very strongly dissuades Mr. Everetts going to Washington this winter and even intimates it will be equivalent to his abandoning him. I think it will be bad policy too, but the man must live. Mr. Bancroft is also defeated which is not any matter of regret. Mr. Everett and Mr. Bancroft have both of them suited their politics to the wind too much and have forgotten to respect themselves.

Home. Too late for Livy. Afternoon, Grahame and Papers. Evening, Mr. Brooks took tea. My wife grew so much more unwell that I changed my room, and sent for the Dr.