Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday 17th.

Saturday. 19th.

Friday. 18th. CFA


Friday. 18th. CFA
Friday. 18th.

I determined to improve the opportunity of the day to go to Quincy and make my last arrangements there. Accordingly I took Mr. Ayer, my Carpenter with me and we rode out over the neck. The day was very pleasant for the season and we soon got to Quincy in due time.

Nothing had however been done. My lumber had been delivered but there it was standing about every where very much as it had been doing. This provoked me and I went up to the Canal where they were busy taking out green lumber. Their excuse as usual hurry for time. After looking at some shingles which were not satisfactory and examining the timber which had been drawn out, we returned to the House and from thence back to town which we reached before one, quite chilled.

Found myself at home reading Livy. Afternoon Grahame. My Wife still feeble but a little better. Evening, I was occupied in writing a political article, which I propose shall be my last for the present.