Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 20th.

Tuesday. 22d.

Monday 21st. CFA


Monday 21st. CFA
Monday 21st.

Morning dark with heavy rain. I went to the Office. Election returns still are dropping in. Mr. Van Buren has lost New Jersey and gained North Carolina by which proceeding he is restored. But throughout the Country the appearances are very great indifference to the result. Mr. Van Buren is President because the people do not know of any better man. He will have large scope for his talent of conciliation.

I was occupied in Accounts and bringing up my Diary which always is backward. This must no longer be. Home. Livy. The text is now extremely easy but not so interesting being merely the military progress of the Romans in Greece, and the victories of Flamininus. Afternoon, Grahame, History of Pennsylvania. This review of the work has been beneficial to me.

I spend nearly an hour every evening in instructing my daughter who now appears to make progress. Read to my Wife extracts from that frothy production the London Court Journal,1 after which I rewrote the paper which I design to send as my last communication for the present to the Advocate.2


See vol. 6:350.


CFA, in dispatching his article to the Advocate, accompanied it with a letter to the editor, B. F. Hallett: “Having at last reached the end of the voyage in which I shipped under your colours, Mr. Van Buren being now elected President with the Antimasons of this State generally rallied in his support, I now propose to rest for a time in peace. Whatever has been within my limits to do with a view to rescue Massachusetts from the Whig grasp has been cheerfully done and will in all probability if of any use be continued until success crowns our exertions” (22 Nov. 1836, LbC, Adams Papers).