Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 25th.

Sunday 27th.

Saturday 26th. CFA


Saturday 26th. CFA
Saturday 26th.

Morning taken up for the most part in transacting business with Mr. W. Spear who brought his account for work done on my cellar and so forth. He also brought me a return of wood sold which so far as it goes is a gain.

After settling with him, Mr. A. H. Everett came in and talked politics. He has had a letter from Pearce1 who is discussing all the Cabinet Offices. Mr. Van Buren’s Administration will probably be marked by the characteristics of his own mind. Caution, and expedients. No greatness. I cannot feel any great degree of respect for him and cannot help showing it in my opinions. This leads now to a difference between Mr. Everett and myself, and we talk upon subjects rather guardedly. I pity him for he is a beggar for Office, and therefore must wear a collar round his neck. My feelings in respect to political Affairs are those of intense disgust, and that at all parties which surround me with very little exception.

Home and then to dine with Mr. Brooks. Nobody there but Edward. Conversation upon Money of which I am as tired as I am of politics. Home. Afternoon very short. Read Grahame. Evening, with my Wife who grows better, and the Desultory Man.


Dutee J. Pearce, Democrat and representative in Congress from R.I. ( Biog. Dir. Cong. ). See also vol. 6:234 and below, entry for 31 Jan. 1837.