Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday. 28th.

Wednesday. 30th.

139 Tuesday. 29th. CFA


Tuesday. 29th. CFA
Tuesday. 29th.

Morning cloudy with snow and the day throughout very dark. I went to the Office and was occupied as usual in Accounts. Called upon Foster my stabler and Bayley the Auctioneer for their various accounts and entered them up. These things with a visit from Mr. Walsh took up much time. I also went to Market and to the shop of Mr. Jones & Co. for my Wife. Thus I found myself called upon to return home as usual.

Read Livy. And in the afternoon continued Grahame with whose fourth volume I am less and less satisfied. He not only slights exceedingly all notice of my poor grandfather but his researches do not appear to have been nearly so complete as in the early work. He quotes only from four or five of the best known authors. Evening at home. Nothing remarkable.