Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 4th.

Tuesday. 6th.

Monday. 5th. CFA Monday. 5th. CFA
Monday. 5th.

A fine day. I went to the Office, time occupied in Diary and Accounts. My duties at present are small and yet I see no great leisure time. Called to see Mr. Brooks and he gave me a Check on another payment of Mr. Johnson’s Interest. This reminds me I must send an account. But I could not make it today.

Walk with Mr. Walsh and home to read Livy. I still feel exceedingly uncomfortable from my cold. It is said to be a kind of influenza which has prevailed and I think I have suffered unusually from it. Finished Grahame’s History which on the whole is a good one but which is not by any means perfect. Also read Candide which is a witty story but which one does not remember with pleasure. There is too much of a blight upon human life in such a doctrine.