Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Tuesday. 13th.

Thursday. 15th.

147 Wednesday. 14th. CFA


Wednesday. 14th. CFA
Wednesday. 14th.

Mild with occasional drops of rain. I went to the Office. Put my scattering papers in order. Nothing material. Called upon T. K. Davis and discussed the letter of Mr. Biddle which certainly is a powerful paper. It is likely to produce a good deal of effect upon the Community. I do not know what to think of political affairs at present. I wish the Whigs of this State were not such a miserable set. As it is, I think I shall have to continue in moderate support of the Administration unless they act so that I cannot conscientiously do so.

Home. Livy, finishing the thirty fifth book. The gradual subjection of Greece is described in a manner not very easily misunderstood. Livy however writes the Roman Account. Afternoon rather short, Mr. Walsh having dined here. Read a little of Swift. Evening reading to my Wife and finished my letter to my father.