Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 16th.

Sunday. 18th.

Saturday 17th. CFA


Saturday 17th. CFA
Saturday 17th.

A dark day with heavy rain. I went to the Office. Time passed as usual. Nothing of interest. I received a letter from my father.1 He approves of my Article upon the present state of things but gives me very sorry encouragement for the success of my course. I do not myself think it practicable in this Country to pursue any thing like an independent course and yet I am myself trying it. I cannot satisfy my conscience and do otherwise. My father’s opinion however is worth something to me. It at least shows there is one eye awake which sees and knows and understands my course.

Home. Livy. Afternoon reading Swift. His Essay on Conversation appears to me one of the best things I have ever seen of his. His style may be said to be transparent. One can see the sense through without observing the medium. MS. a little. Evening at home reading to my Wife Tom Cringle’s Log.2 Afterwards Goguet.


JQA to CFA, 12 Dec., Adams Papers.


Michael Scott, Tom Cringle’s Log, Phila., 1833.