Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 18th.

Tuesday. 20th.

Monday. 19th. CFA


Monday. 19th. CFA
Monday. 19th.

A lovely day. The cold season keeps back astonishingly. I went to the Office. Time occupied variously. Mr. Hallett for a rarity came in and talked. His object seemed to be to inquire what the probabilities were of my father’s course. I told him as much as I knew which was not much. We talked over the present state of things and I stated to him my difficulties, but on the whole my general resolution to go on. Politics are eminently disgusting to me. I can suit nobody. Mr. Hallett spoke of A. H. Everett and his having represented to him the objections to his going to Washington. Just at this moment A. H. Everett came in, and after Mr. H. went he spoke to me of the remonstrance and intimated a suspicion it had come from me. I recapitulated the statement Mr. Hallett had made to me on the 16th of last month and added that with my notions of Mr. Van Buren, his most effective course would be to acquire weight with the party here. They kept me until dinner time.

Afternoon at home. MS. and Swift. Evening looking over some volumes of Pamphlets, then to Edward Brooks’ where my Wife spent the evening. He is gone to Washington and she is alone. Home. Goguet.