Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Thursday. 22d.

Saturday. 24th.

Friday. 23d. CFA


Friday. 23d. CFA
Friday. 23d.

Morning cold and cloudy but it moderated afterwards. I went to the office. Not much employed. I am trying to find some topic to which to turn my attention. And I incline to something like my book which now interests me, Tailors Statesman.

Called to see T. K. Davis. Talk with him about his project of a Newspaper. I told him the reasons why I thought I could not conduct such a thing, and I also told him that I had nearly made up my mind respecting my future course. The opposition to Mr. Van Buren already announced left me little alternative but to support him provided he put no bar in the way. He said he had not yet thought very seriously of the matter but he urged me not to decide absolutely. I told him I thought he was well calculated to conduct a press and that I would do my best to aid him if he commenced one.

Home after a walk with Mr. Walsh. Livy. Afternoon, MS. Finished Tailor’s Statesman, a book containing many excellent remarks but not fully reflected out if I may so speak. I will try to throw together some thoughts on the same subject for future use. This will be an exercise and an occupation. Evening, reading to my Wife, and then writing, but my ideas though they flow fast are ill methodized.