Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Saturday. 24th.

Monday 26th.

Sunday. 25th. CFA Sunday. 25th. CFA
Sunday. 25th.

Christmas day. Quite mild and pleasant though slightly rainy in the middle of the day and a heavy fog in the evening. I went to Meeting 153and heard Mr. Frothingham preach from Matthew 2. 11. “They presented unto him gifts; gold and frankincense and myrrh.” This discourse I am very sure I heard some years ago because the figurative management of it then struck me. I will look back in my Diary and find it.

Walk with Mr. Walsh and home. Found Mr. T. K. Davis there and they both dined with me. We had quite a pleasant little Christmas dinner and in the afternoon heard Mr. Frothingham again from the Psalms. 100. 3. “Not we ourselves.” A very good and sensible discourse upon the ascribing to ourselves much of action.

Afternoon Barrow. Matthew 1. 20. “For that which is conceived in her is of the holy Ghost.” The mystery of the incarnation with some reasons why it should have happened. These are more satisfactory than the discussion of the rest of the subject. Evening, paid a visit at Mrs. Brooks’. Nobody there but a Mr. Ingersol and friend of Mrs. B. Jrs. Home early.