Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 26th.

Wednesday 28th.

Tuesday. 27th. CFA Tuesday. 27th. CFA
Tuesday. 27th.

A cold, sharp morning. I went to the Office which I do not however succeed in reaching very early, and had barely sat down to work when Mr. Walsh came in to talk and after him T. K. Davis to fulfil an agreement to go and pay a morning visit to Mr. and Mrs. Seaver. This 154being soon done on account of their absence from home, he proposed a walk which was lengthened out far beyond my measurement. We went to Boston line and I got home later than usual. Finished a book of Livy notwithstanding.

Afternoon, read part of Plutarch’s Essay upon Education to Statesmanship but the old French of Amyot is so quaint as to make it difficult to get the sense.1 Also a little German which I desire very much to keep up. Evening a visiting time due to Mr. and Mrs. Sargent. They have a very pretty house indeed, and seem comfortable. Home early, very cold.


The essay is included in Les Oeuvres Morales ... de Plutarque translated by Jacques Amyot; a Paris, 1655, edn. is among JA’s books ( Catalogue of JA’s Library ).