Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Saturday. 7th.

Monday. 9th.

Sunday. 8th. CFA Sunday. 8th. CFA
Sunday. 8th.

A fine day with the wind from the Northward and yet remarkable to relate very mild. I read some of the versified Psalms of J. B. Rousseau with which I was struck. He appears to have done the best with French Poetry, which does not often admit of the high Lyric.

Attended Church at Mr. Frothingham’s. Mr. Walker of Charlestown preached from 2. Corinthians 8. 21. “Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.” He considered honesty as a word of various signification, and dwelt particularly upon what he called legal honesty, and worldly policy as distinct from true honesty, or moral rectitude. The discourse was in his style plain almost to baldness, but strong and clear. Afternoon Job. 7. 16. “I would not live alway.” It seems to me I have heard him or somebody else on this subject lately. Preparation for a future life the great business of this exemplified by him by the process of a liberal education. Mr. Walsh did not dine with me and I walked alone.

Read Dr. Barrow on the same text and subject with last Sunday. A continuation of the reasons for the crucifixion. After all, common sense points out the fact as the great argument and must look at the attempts to assign causes, however ingenious and well argued as mere boy’s play. Evening called at Mr. Brooks’, nobody there but W. G. Brooks. Home early. Goguet.