Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Wednesday 11th.

Friday. 13th.

Thursday. 12th. CFA Thursday. 12th. CFA
Thursday. 12th.

The weather has become mild, clear and exceedingly pleasant for winter. I went to Market and from thence down to the Office. Read at the Insurance office Mr. Webster’s late Speech upon the currency,1 which I do not regard as very strong. Occupied in Accounts and Diary. From Office to Athenaeum where I made some examination of Authorities for an article on the currency and then home.

Livy. Afternoon entirely given up to arranging and pasting into a volume my various Newspaper articles during the year 1836.2 When I reflect upon the quantity I have written and for what purpose I do not think better of my exertions. I could not finish quite all I have prepared. Evening, reading von Tietz whose account of Constantinople is amusing, and afterwards prepared an article on the currency for the Advocate.


The “Speech of Mr. Webster on the Specie Circular,” delivered in the Senate on 21 Dec. 1836, was printed in the Daily National Intelligencer on 4 Jan., p. 2, cols. 1–6.


Shelved in the Adams Papers as M/CFA/28 (Microfilms, Reel No. 324).