Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Monday 16th.

Wednesday. 18th.

Tuesday. 17th. CFA Tuesday. 17th. CFA
Tuesday. 17th.

Fine, clear and mild day. I went to the Office but could do very little as I had visitors nearly all day. First, Mr. Walsh, then A. H. Everett, R. Freeman, Mr. N. Curtis and Josiah Quincy Jr. The two last, the only persons coming in upon business, Mr. Curtis to consult upon a letter of Mr. Vaughan’s to him1 and Quincy to propose that a house should be built for Mr. Lunt upon land my father was to give. I told him I could not pledge my father but that I fancied he was disposed to do every thing he could to promote Mr. Lunt’s comfort and remaining in the town.

Home late where I read little of Livy. The baby appeared better but still with ugly appearances. Afternoon, very slow in my progress with Plutarch. Shall I have the courage to go on. Also Burnet and a little German. Evening Mr. Brooks took tea with us. Finished Von Tietz and afterwards wrote upon the perplexed subject of the currency.


On Petty Vaughan and the Boylston estate, of which Nathaniel Curtis and JQA were executors, see entry for 27 Aug. 1836, above, and vol. 3:131.