Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday. 20th.

Sunday 22d.

Saturday. 21st. CFA Saturday. 21st. CFA
Saturday. 21st.

Although my copy was given out the other day, it has not yet appeared. I went to the Office. The clouds I spoke of last night have gathered so effectively that today we had a regular snow storm set in, with a very high wind. My time at the Office not much interrupted. I attended to the payment of several of the bills remaining due by my father. And thus the time passed.

Home, my Wife and I were invited to go down and dine with Mr. Brooks but the storm came on so violently she concluded not to go. I went and found Mr. and Mrs. Frothingham, nobody else. The dinner was tolerably pleasant though nothing interesting. Home after stopping for a minute at the Athenaeum. I did nothing all the afternoon.

Evening, read to my Wife from the affected and yet rather interesting narrative of Willis who imposed himself upon the credulity of the Europeans for an Official character of some consequence. After this, I 170sat down to writing but found my thoughts were hardly matured enough to go on very distinctly. I am almost tired of studying out so intricate a subject with the patience necessary for so little profit. To bed late.