Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday 22d.

Tuesday. 24th.

Monday 23d. CFA


Monday 23d. CFA
Monday 23d.

A fine clear day again with the air mild as before the snow. I find my Article does not yet appear. What is the meaning of it? Some long letters from Mr. Hallett at Washington tolerably clever but a little too laudatory. Office where Mr. Walsh came in and talked. Nothing of particular importance. I attended to my usual details, took a short walk and then returned home. Livy, the fortieth book of which I finished. This contains pretty much all of the pure and uncorrupted text, most of the remaining books being intelligible only through supplied passages.

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Afternoon reading Burnet. A singular author for a Bishop. One can feel marvellous little respect for such a man and yet his style displays his mode of thinking and makes the book interesting. I read a little of Forster

Evening finished a volume of the affected and ridiculous Willis, and yet he is amusing. After this I sat down and wrote another paper upon the currency. These are the result of labour, and reflection, they can not I am confident be written by every man, yet I cannot get them into a Newspaper without delay. How very encouraging to the cultivation of any occupation not having for it’s object the mere pursuit of money. I do not expect much from their success but they amuse and occupy me worthily.