Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Friday 27th.

Sunday. 29th.

Saturday. 28th. CFA


Saturday. 28th. CFA
Saturday. 28th.

Mild morning. Office where I was not enabled to execute even my usual routine from the number of interruptions. Mr. Burril from Quincy took up an inordinate length of time in a statement of his grievances about his tenancy. He told me a long story for which I told him another, and then he paid me part of his rent and offered me security for the future. I told him that if W. Spear at Quincy had not actually let the House to any one else, in that case, I had no objection to his remaining. But that it must depend upon that. He said Spear promised him last night he would do no more about letting until he, Burril, could see me. He seemed in much agitation of mind upon the subject.

Home late, having some purchases to make, particularly of some 174wine at Mr. Williams’. Afternoon, Burnet, and Buffon. Evening, reading to my Wife from Schloss Hainfeld and afterwards made successful progress in the Currency.