Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 7

Sunday. 12th.

Tuesday. 14th.

Monday. 13th. CFA


Monday. 13th. CFA
Monday. 13th.

It was mild and clear last evening and I could not help remarking upon the beauty of the night, but when I arose this morning, a violent northwester was blowing which soon reduced the temperature to a very low point in the thermometer. I think the wind made it the most disagreeable day to be out we have had. I went to the Office. The 184uproar in Congress has ceased and my father has carried the day. I hope he will use his victory in moderation. Office where I had my Carpenter, Mr. Ayer, and disputed the points with him famously. He wanted money and I paid him on account. Mr. Walsh came in also and talked. Home, to read Livy.

Carried down my last number to the Advocate. They will not publish the letters I wish. So much for the freedom of that press. Afternoon, engaged revising my numbers which I propose to publish together. Evening by invitation to Governor Everett’s at Charlestown. I rode in a Carriage with Mr. Frothingham and Mr. Lothrop, who with his Wife were the only supernumeraries.1 Rather tolerable but not agreeable. Glad to get home notwithstanding.


That is, the only guests not members of the family.